British Watchmaking

Pinion’s watchmaking hub, is based in the heart of Lancashire, run by the experienced watchmaker, Ian Walsh.

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The Motion Works

Ian has been a qualified watchmaker for over 20 years, first starting as a clockmaker’s apprentice at the age of 13, before gaining his BHI qualification at the Manchester School of Horology.

Watchmaker Ian Walsh

Ian’s experience includes working at Tag Heuer, where he developed a particular specialism in vintage chronographs, before setting up his own watchmaking business.

As an integral partner to Pinion, Ian provides technical assistance in the development and construction of watches and supports Pinion by providing watch servicing and repair.

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Specialist suppliers


Watch components are not manufactured at Pinion but instead manufactured by a selection of specialist suppliers based in Switzerland and Germany. Pinion works directly with all manufacturers, ensuring the differing parts will all fit together perfectly to make a finished watch.

Once parts manufacturing is complete and delivered to Pinion, these are then finished and assembled in Lancashire, England.

Pinion Atom 39 Watch Dials

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Perfect surface

Case finishing

Steel and bronze watch cases are finished by hand before assembly to provide a perfect surface, whether brushed, blasted or polished.

For the black or gunmetal grey stainless steel coated cases, this is undertaken in Cambridge by a specialist heat treatment company.

Watch case finishing

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Precision and care

Assembly and testing

Pinion constructs both mechanical movements and watches in England. For mechanical movements, these are carefully assembled from their component parts and tested for operation. Next, watch assembly takes place, where the building of all the manufactured parts and completed movement takes place with precision and care.

Watch assembly in England

Assembled watches are then regulated over five days to ensure the timekeeping meets the standards set by the movement manufacturer. During this time, they are rotated in five different positions, which simulates real-life wear of the watch and checks the amplitude and accuracy of the movement.

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Servicing and repairs

All Pinion watches are serviced by Ian and his team, who also undertake any repair work that could be required within the two-year warranty period.

A full service involves completely disassembling a watch, checking the movement, replacing any necessary parts, cleaning, oiling, reassembling and re-finishing the case.

It is recommended that a full service be undertaken every 3-5 years, to keep the watch in its very best condition.

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