Pure Pro Black

42mm steel hand wound watch with black DLC coating.

Released in 2015 as a limited run. Sold out and no longer available.

Pinion Pure Pro Black watch

The Pure Pro Black was introduced in 2015 as part of the line-up for a new range of hand-wound watches featuring a dial that did not have Arabic numerals, but instead batons – commonly known as a ‘professional’ or ‘pro’ dial.

Designed to reference stealth military instruments, this watch had a working title of ‘black cat’ – after its overall dark appearance and green indexes.

The Pure Pro black had a brushed stainless steel case, that was coated in DLC, as well as a multi-level dial that was polished finish in vertical brushings.

The Pure Pro was made to an unspecified low run edition and was also available with either silver or black hands.

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