Collaborations / IHWA-01

Iron Heart IHWA-01

42mm stainless steel watch powered by a Swiss automatic movement

Released in 2014 limited to 30 pieces. Sold out and no longer available.

Iron Heart IHWA-01

In 2014, Pinion partnered with exclusive Japanese denim manufacturing company, Iron Heart to produce a watch limited to only 30 pieces.

The Iron Heart Watch 01 (IHWA-01) was a stainless steel 42mm wristwatch that featured the Iron Heart branding, plus ‘Pride of Japan’ engraving on the reverse.

The IHWA-01 was based on the Pinion Axis Steel and was featured both company logos, with the Iron Heart logo replacing the original ‘Axis Automatic’ on the lower part of the watch.

Like all other Pinion watches, the IHWA-01 was built in England and came complete in a beautiful goatskin suede lined Iron Heart paraffin-coated cotton duck (canvas) case.

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