Pinion warranty and servicing

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Every watch Pinion makes goes rigorous testing, which is supported by a two-year warranty.

If something goes wrong, then fill out the details below or contact us.

Pinion Watches

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Two-year warranty

The two-year Pinion warranty

Pinion Watch Company Ltd warrants its watches for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects which may exist at the time of purchase, and during the warranty period, you have the right to have any defect repaired free of charge.

The two year warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear and ageing (e.g. any colour change, or scratches made to any parts of the watch).
  • Any damage from accidents, abnormal use/sports or incorrect use of the watch.
  • If the watch is opened, altered or repaired by a non-authorised person.

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Pinion watch care

A Pinion watch has been engineered to be highly robust and with the correct care will last for many years.

Please ensure that you follow the tips below when caring
for your watch.

Cleaning your watch

To clean your watch case and sapphire crystal use water with mild soap and a soft cloth.

Watch water resistance

Ensure the crown is pushed in all the way before any contact with water. Do not pull the crown out to adjust the time or date when the watch is submerged in water or if you are in a very humid environment.

Wearing your watch in seawater

If your watch has been in seawater, then afterwards, wash the watch with fresh water.

Watch movement shock resistance

The watch and movement have been engineered to be robust, however, try and avoid any heavy

Shocks to the watch. This includes any sports such as golf which can cause damage to the watch if worn while playing over a long period.

Magnetic fields and watches

Avoid placing the watch near items which may contain magnetic fields (such as loudspeakers) as this may cause the watch to run incorrectly and require it to be demagnetised.

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Warranty repairs

If something goes wrong

If within the two-year period, something goes wrong with your Pinion watch and provided it’s not been misused or damaged, Pinion will fix it under the terms of the warranty. Fill out the form here and Pinion will then be in touch to discuss the next steps.

i.e Axis II
This is normally found on the case back. I.e. A2001 or 001/100

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Service and repairs

Caring for your Pinion watch

With the correct care, your Pinion watch will provide many years of trouble-free service.

As a general rule, we recommend all watches are serviced every five years, but depending on use it may need to be sooner.

Servicing and repair costs

Watch check up and regulation: £90 (incl. Vat ) / £75 (excl.Vat)

Simple watch repair*: £120 (incl. Vat) / £100 (excl.Vat)

Case refinishing: £30 (incl.Vat) / £25 (excl.Vat)

Servicing*: £220 (incl.Vat) / £182.33 (excl.Vat)

Postage: Included (UK) / £15 – £40 ( Rest of the world – Depending on service used )

* Note: If repairs or servicing require replacing any broken parts ( i.e. mainspring ) these are charged as extra.

I.e. Axis
This is normally found on the case back (I.e. A2001 or 001 / 100 )
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