Servicing & repair price list


Hand wound watches

Pinion watch: Pure

Price: £260

Automatic watches

Pinion watches: Axis, Atom, Neutron

Price: £280

Automatic GMT watches

Pinion watch: TT

Price: £300

Handwound chronographs

Pinion watch: R-1969

Price: £340

Automatic chronographs

Pinion watch: Elapse

Price: £360


Pinion watch partial maintenance prices.

Pinion offers a simple watch tune-up service for watches that are between 2-4 years old. Here any small repairs can be fixed and the regulation of the watch is checked and fine tuned if needed. Please note, on inspection, we may recommend a full service if the movement requires this. Also, this service is only guaranteed for 12-months on the scope of repair or work undertaken.

Price: £140

Watch case refurbishment

By default Pinion doesn’t refinish watches at service. If you wish your watch to be refinished, please refer to these additional prices:

Case polishing / brushing: £50

Bronze case cleaning and re-brushing: £75

Please note: A watch case refurbishment can only be ordered with a simple repair or full service

Replacement straps

Straps can be replaced at service.

Prices range from £25 (Nylon, Canvas) to £95 (Leather).

Bespoke made leather straps can also be made – prices from £160.

Parts replacement prices

There is an additional charge for the replacement of these parts:

Crystal, bezel, case, case-back, dial, hands, pushers, crown.

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