Send a watch to Pinion

Use this guide if you need to send a watch back to Pinion.

Before sending a watch to us:

Sending guidance

Check through the steps below on how to package your watch ready for sending.


  • If you are returning a recent purchase – you’ll need to start a return.

Repairs & Servicing:

  • You can either send the whole watch with strap or just the watch head alone. This is totally up to you.
  • You shouldn’t send the original packaging, box, manuals or anything else that came with the watch.


  • Ensure your watch is protected (i.e., use bubble wrap or similar)
  • Place your watch in a small posting box.
  • Include your details (or a printed copy of the email for warranty repairs or servicing)
  • Use parcel tape to ensure the package is secure and cannot be opened easily


  • Send send your watch in a padded envelope alone, as these aren’t as secure as sending in a box.
  • Use Royal Mail Special Delivery service.
  • Contents should be described as ‘Mechanical parts’
  • £500 compensation is included as standard.
  • You can choose additional cover up to £2,500.


  • Only use a courier service like DHL or Fedex.
  • For description use something like ‘steel wrist watch’
  • Use Commodity code: 9101.21.8010 (Analog Wrist watch)
  • Be realistic about the declared value. Use the full value if it’s a return, but if it’s an older watch, then the value should realistically be 50-75% of original price paid.
  • For the type of shipment use:
    • ‘Return For Repair’ – If you are having service / repair work
    • ‘Return to Seller’ – If you are returning a recently purchased watch


  • Send the watch via international post. It can take weeks for items to clear customs this way and its less secure.

Send your watch

Ensure you use the details below to send your watch to us:

Piers Berry
Old Well
Kidmore Lane
Kidmore End
United Kingdom

If you’re sending via courier you’ll also need these details:
Telephone: +44 (0) 118 426 2824

Once we receive your watch we’ll be in contact regarding the next steps.

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