Sending your watch

UK Postal services

Guidance for sending your watch back to Pinion for servicing and repairs.

Prior to sending your watch, please ensure you have been in touch with us first, either by email or via the service request form.

01. What to send

  • You can either send the whole watch with strap or just the watch head alone. This is totally up to you.
  • You shouldn’t send the original packaging, box, manuals or anything else that came with the watch.

02. Packing your watch

  • First, you’ll need to protect your watch, so the best thing to do is to roll or wrap it in bubble wrap.
  • Then, place the watch in a small posting box. Please don’t send your watch in a padded envelope (i.e. Jiffy bag) as these can potentially rip or open in transit.
  • Just place a small note to us in the box – it can be a copy of the email(s) between us, or just your name and address details.
  • Secure the post with parcel tape, ensuring there aren’t any areas that could be opened easily!

03. Posting your watch

  • We recommend sending by Royal Mail Special Delivery or Recorded delivery.
  • If you are asked about the contents, it might help to mention ‘mechanical parts’ or ‘mechanical instrument’ rather than ‘watch’.
  • If you’re using Special Delivery, then we’ve found their standard level of insurance to be fine, however, if you prefer to insure for more, you can do.
  • The address to send the watch to is

Piers Berry
Old Well
Kidmore Lane
Kidmore End Oxon.

04. What happens next?

  • Once your watch is received, we’ll email to confirm we’ve got it.
  • Your watch will then be placed into repair or servicing. We normally finish repairs within 2-3 weeks but this can sometimes take longer.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us.

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