Watch servicing & repairs

Our British watchmakers approach each service and repair with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

With meticulous precision, your watch undergoes a thorough dismantling, cleaning, and lubrication of every intricate component. Every gear and mechanism is handled with the utmost care to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.

Upon completion, your Pinion watch is reassembled, bringing it back to life with a renewed vigour and delivered to you in a complimentary, watch travel case.

All service and repair work is guaranteed for 1-year.


Over time, the constant friction of parts can wear out and oils within the movement can dry. A full service restores both the functional and aesthetic appearance of your watch.

We recommend a full service every 4 to 5 years, to keep your watch in its best condition.

A full service will typically consist of the following:

  • Dismantling of the watch case and bracelet (if applicable).
  • Dismantling of the watch movement.
  • Oiling of movement components.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the watch and movement components.
  • Re-assembly of the watch movement.
  • Replacement of seals and gaskets.
  • Re-assembly of the watch.
  • Regulation of the movement, in five-positions, over five days.
  • Case refurbishment / polishing (additional cost).
  • Water pressure testing.

Instructions on how to return your watch can be found here.

If your watch is under two years old, or has been serviced within the last 12 months, you can get it repaired under warranty.

Please go to our warranty repairs page.

No – We don’t offer watch servicing / repairs for non-Pinion branded watches.

Servicing & repair prices.


Hand wound watches

Pinion watch: Pure

Price: £260

Automatic watches

Pinion watches: Axis, Atom, Neutron

Price: £280

Automatic GMT watches

Pinion watch: TT

Price: £300

Handwound chronographs

Pinion watch: R-1969

Price: £340

Automatic chronographs

Pinion watch: Elapse

Price: £360


Pinion watch partial maintenance prices.

Pinion offers a simple watch tune-up service for watches that are between 2-4 years old. Here any small repairs can be fixed and the regulation of the watch is checked and fine tuned if needed. Please note, on inspection, we may recommend a full service if the movement requires this. Also, this service is only guaranteed for 12-months on the scope of repair or work undertaken.

Price: £140

Watch case refurbishment

By default Pinion doesn’t refinish watches at service. If you wish your watch to be refinished, please refer to these additional prices:

Case polishing / brushing: £50

Bronze case cleaning and re-brushing: £75

Please note: A watch case refurbishment can only be ordered with a simple repair or full service

Parts replacement prices

There is an additional charge for the replacement of these parts:

Crystal, bezel, case, case-back, dial, hands, pushers, crown.

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