Watch engraving

Personalise your Pinion watch by engraving a name, message or graphic.

Watch engraving information

  • We engrave all watches in-house with an industry-grade fibre laser.
  • Only watches that are applicable for engraving will have this option on their product page.
  • Simple personalisation (small message or date) are included in the price of the watch.
  • Anything larger, like a graphic or logo engraving will be charged £120 extra.
  • Engraved watch case backs will still need to have our name, PINION and the watch serial number – although this can be made smaller to be sympathetic to your design.
  • You are able to buy a watch without any engraving first, then return this within 14 days to then have it engraved.

We don’t:

  • Engrave anything that infringes copyright. We can engrave brand or company logos, but only with written consent from an official with authority.
  • Add engraving to our watches if they have already been engraved in the past.
  • Engrave on watches from other brands.

Watch engraving options

You can choose the following options if you want to personalise your watch with engraving.

Examples show are for the Neutron, but should apply to any watch that can be personalised with engraving.

Small message

The standard Pinion case back motif is retained, and your message can be added as small characters.

  • There is no charge to engrave this option.
  • Your message can be up-to 40 characters in length.
  • If your message is less than 20 characters, then this will appear as a single line aligned centre-bottom of the case back.
  • Messages longer than 20 characters would need to be split between centre-top and centre bottom as illustrated in the photograph.
  • We recommend that the message be displayed in CAPITALS due to the size and legibility.
  • The example below shows a longer message, split over two lines (AIRCRAFT PILOTS TRAINING ESTD 1956).
Watch engraving - Small message
Large message

The central case back motif is omitted with a space for your message to appear.

  • There is no charge to engrave this option.
  • Your message should be no more than 20 characters / 4 words.
  • We generally engrave one word per line. So for example if your message is 4 words it would typically appear over 4 lines.
  • The example below shows a larger message, split over four lines (AIRCRAFT PILOTS TRAINING, ESTD 1956)
Watch engraving - Large
Custom engraving

We offer a bespoke service if you want something more specific. For example a logo, or club badge.

  • Prices for bespoke engraving start at £120.
  • Anything supplied (i.e. logo, badge graphic) would need to be in vector format. (i.e. Adobe illustrator, PDF).
  • We would convert vectors to single colour (black) and clean any lines that would be incompatible with the engraving software.
  • Whilst we expect the majority of bespoke work to be covered under the £120 fee, if we deal with complex vectors / designs then this may require more work charged at £60 per hour.
  • The example below shows an indicative logo (AIRCRAFT PILOTS TRAINING, ESTD 1956).

Contact us prior to ordering if you want bespoke engraving

Watch engraving - Custom

Proofing your engraving

Before engraving commences, you will receive a proof via email that you will need to approve.

Watch engraving proof
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