Pinion Atom ND Watch
Pinion is delighted to announce a follow-up to the sold-out original Atom watch called the Atom ND. This model retains all the characteristics as seen in the original model, but has no date display and a revised dial design. The new Atom will feature an anthracite grey dial, finished with vertical brushing and the original hour numerals [...]
Pinion Atom Worn and Wound review

The Pinion Atom watch has been reviewed again! This time by Bradley Holmes from Worn and wound. Read the review over at


SalonQP: The Atom review

SalonQP Pinion Atom review

Chris Hall from SalonQP / QP Magazine writes a review of the Atom after spending two months wearing the watch. Read the full review over at


OT Magazine: Atom hands-on

Pinion Atom Watch
“…The finishing and attention to detail are exceptional and it's an easily wearable, wonderfully reliable watch.” The Pinion Atom watch gets a hands-on Review by Sam Kessler from Oracle Time Magazine. Read the review on Oracle Time’s website  
Pinion Atom reviewed by Hodinkee

The Pinion Atom watch received a great review by Jason Heaton of watch blog, Hodinkee last week and for twenty-four hours it was the main feature on the Hodinkee home page. You can read the Pinion Atom review in full over at Hodinkee.


Pinion Atom update

Pinion Atom watch components
The Pinion Atom is a little behind schedule, but with just the dial to finish, it shouldn't be long now until the watches are assembled and shipped to the customers who have pre-ordered it. The Atom is the first Pinion watch that features a robust Japanese mechanical movement ( Miyota 9015). The stainless steel case [...]
Pinion Atom watch
Pinion presents a new watch for 2017, titled ‘Atom’. The Atom inherits all of the design and production qualities seen in the previous collection of watches, but priced at £790 (£658.33 ex. VAT) signals it as the new entry-point to the Pinion family. Like the Axis II and Pure before it, the Atom is sized [...]
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