Pinion Axis II Bronze BL Watch
In 2016, Pinion decided to stop making bronze watches and instead focus on other materials, such as titanium as used in the forthcoming TT. However, since all Pure and Axis II bronze watches sold out, Pinion has received quite alot of requests for making another bronze watch. To gauge actual demand, Pinion published a survey [...]

Axis II Bronze

Pinion Axis II Bronze watch
Pinion is delighted to present the Axis II Bronze, which is the follow-up to the sold out 'Axis Bronze' from 2013. The new Axis II Bronze features a darker green dial than the original, which when placed under certain lighting conditions, looks almost black. With the addition of the exhibition caseback and higher grade movement, [...]

Axis II dials

Pinion Axis II Dial design

Here’s some images of our Axis II dials which we think look stunning.


AXIS II Rotors

ETA2824-2 Decorated rotor Pinion

Here’s some photos of our new deep green Swiss ETA automatic rotors that we’ve decorated for the AXIS II.


Introducing the Axis II

Pinion Axis II CGI Design

We’re pleased to announce a redesign and upgrade to our original AXIS AUTOMATIC collection of watches.

Pinion bronze watch collection

Some photos of the entire Pinion Bronze collection

Pinion watch crown design

The watch crown is used to manually adjust the time and date in mechanical timepieces and ever since the inception of Pinion in early 2013, we have strived to produce the finest crown possible that could be used across our entire collection.

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