Pinion bronze watch collection

Some photos of the entire Pinion Bronze collection


Axis Bronze hands-on review

Pinion Axis Bronze watch

AXIS BRONZE HANDS-ON REVIEW The popular Axis bronze, which is part of our debut collection gets a hands on review from the guys over at Fratello watches.

Bronze watch cases patina

Seen here, two Pinion Bronze watches. Natural patina has developed on the furthest watch which has been exposed to sea water during the time it has been worn. The bronze watch in front is new and yet to develop patina. Wearing a bronze watch with patina will result in edges of the watch being polished …

Pinion Axis Bronze Watch

Our Axis Bronze watch cases are made from the highest quality ‘Marine Grade’ bronze alloys, sharing the same qualities as bronze marine equipment, which are extremely resistant against corrosion caused by constant exposure to salt water in the sea.

Axis bronze watch with patina

Photos of the Pinion Axis Bronze, which after three months wear including contact with sea water, has developed a new character.


British Bronze

Pinion Axis Bronze watch

Simply put, there is nothing like seeing patina developing on your bronze watch. It’s character is created only by you as you wear the timepiece in different climates, environments and circumstances.

This makes every Pinion Axis Bronze individual to you and a personal reminder of the time you wear it.

Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk watch

Official photos of the Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk


Bronze Patina

Pinion Axis Bronze Watch

A beautiful patina developing on the Pinion Axis Bronze watch case, which adds a unique character to the watch and will mature over time.


Axis: Phase II

Pinion Axis dials

Production is well under way now for the second batch of Pinion Axis watches. The new timepieces will feature Blue and Brown dials for Steel and Bronze models completing the line-up for the Axis Automatic range. These new models will be in stock and ready to ship this month. Look out for specifications, pricing and …


Brilliant bronze

Axis Bronze watch

Pictured is the very first Pinion Axis Bronze watch that has just been assembled here in the UK.

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