Iron Heart watch wallet

Iron Heart Watch Wallet

For our collaboration with exclusive Japanese denim manufacturer, IRON HEART we’ve made a beautifully constructed watch wallet that will be used to house the Special Edition timepiece, IHWA-01 (IRON HEART WATCH 01).


Pinion Marine Grade Bronze Watch

Pinion Axis Bronze Watch

Our Axis Bronze watch cases are made from the highest quality ‘Marine Grade’ bronze alloys, sharing the same qualities as bronze marine equipment, which are extremely resistant against corrosion caused by constant exposure to salt water in the sea.

Axis watch blue dial

The Pinion Axis Steel Dawn features a beautiful blue satin dial and handmade leather strap.

Axis bronze watch with patina

Photos of the Pinion Axis Bronze, which after three months wear including contact with sea water, has developed a new character.

Clive Standen comic con

Pictured is British Actor, Clive Standen who stars in the hit TV show ‘VIKINGS’ at Comic-Con in San diego yesterday wearing his Pinion Axis Black watch!


Pinion Axis Black

Pinion Axis Black watch

In September 2013 we debuted our first ever watch design to the world: The Pinion Axis Black.

Fast forward to now, less than a year later and we are almost sold out of the watch from our initial production run with only a couple of watches still available.

Pinion X Iron Heart Watch

Here is the Pinion Iron Heat Watch 01. We’ve been working with exclusive Japanese denim manufacturer, IRON HEART to produce their first ever watch, which is based on on the Pinion Axis and features the IH logo on the front plus engraved case back


British Bronze

Pinion Axis Bronze watch

Simply put, there is nothing like seeing patina developing on your bronze watch. It’s character is created only by you as you wear the timepiece in different climates, environments and circumstances.

This makes every Pinion Axis Bronze individual to you and a personal reminder of the time you wear it.


Axis Bronze Dusk photos

Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk watch

Official photos of the Pinion Axis Bronze Dusk

Pinion X Iron Heart IHWA-01

PINION, is to partner with exclusive Japanese denim manufacturing company, Iron Heart, to produce a range of new timepieces and products.

The first to be released under this new partnership will be the IHWA-01 (Iron Heart Watch 01) a limited edition, stainless steel 42mm Swiss manufactured wristwatch which will feature the IRON HEART logo, plus ‘Pride of Japan’ engraving on the reverse.

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