Talking Time Podcast

Talking Time podcast with Pinion founder, Piers Berry

Piers talks to Katya and Rikki on the Talking Time podcast about his journey into watches and forming Pinion. Listen to the Podcast via The British Watch & Clockmakers Alliance website.

Scottish Watches Podcast with British watch company, Pinion

Pinion Founder, Piers talks to Rikki from Scottish Watches about starting Pinion and supplying watches to film and TV productions. Scottish watches is a top 10 (UK Hobbies – Apple) weekly podcast that takes a light-hearted look at the watch industry. On June 21st 2021, I chatted with Rikki in-depth about how and why I …


Monochrome interview

Pinion Founder, Piers Berry

Pinion founder, Piers Berry talks to Tom Mulraney from Monochrome about starting Pinion and how he first got into the watch industry. Read the article

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