Pinion Pure on TV

Pinion Pure Bronze watch McMafia Vadim

The Pinion Pure watch has been getting some screen time recently, being worn on the wrists by two leading actors in shows ‘McMafia’ and ‘Taken’ which are airing in 2018. Firstly, if you’ve been watching BBC ones ‘McMafia’, which has just finished its first seasons’ run, you may have noticed Vadim, played by actor Merab …

Pinion Pure Bronze watch with green dial

When the initial run of Axis II Bronze watches sold out, Pinion received many emails from customers wanting a bronze watch in the same ‘green dial’ look. As a result, Pinion built a small collection of bronze watches that had the green dial from the Pure GG watch installed rather than the black dial as …

Pinion Revolution Magazine Bronze watches

The Pinion Pure Bronze LE features among seven other bronze watches in the September 2016 UK edition of REVOLUTION magazine. Note: Pinion is the only British watch brand to be featured, and is by far the youngest and smallest company in the article!


Pure Pro watch review

Pinion Pure bronze Fratellowatches review

Journalist, George Cramer has given his thoughts on the Pure Pro Bronze over at This article originally appeared on Fratello watches website Bronze Watch That bronze watch cases are getting more popular again, was proved this spring by some remarkable moves in the industry. While bronze watches were usually found in the more affordable price categories, two …

Pinion Pure GG Hand wound watch

We’ve received some great Press coverage for our new PURE collection from watch blog, and UK based SalonQP.

Pinion Pure Pro Steel hand wound watch
Pinion presents the Pure Pro Steel watch, which is part of the new line up of hand wound watches for 2016. This watch takes reference from the original Pure L.E. watches released in 2014, with a brushed multi-level dial, but the dial has be designed with batons only ( Also known as professional, or 'Pro' [...]

Pure GG

Pinion Pure GG Hand wound watch
Pinion is delighted to present the Pure GG as part of the line up for the 2016 Pure watch collection. The Pure GG is based on the original design of the Pure L.E from 2014, however, this new watch features a brushed stainless steel case that is coated in a gunmetal grey colour. Central to [...]

Pinion Pure Pro Black

Pinion Pure Pro Black watch

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the PURE BLACK.

Pinion bronze watch collection

Some photos of the entire Pinion Bronze collection


Under the Hood

Pinion Pure Unitas 6498 Mechanical movement

Hidden behind the 316L polished steel caseback of the Axis Pure is a New-Old-Stock Unitas 6498 mechanical calibre, which features decorated geneva stripes and blued screws.

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