Pinion Pure Bronze watch with green dial

When the initial run of Axis II Bronze watches sold out, Pinion received many emails from customers wanting a bronze watch in the same ‘green dial’ look. As a result, Pinion built a small collection of bronze watches that had the green dial from the Pure GG watch installed rather than the black dial as …

Pinion Revolution Magazine Bronze watches

The Pinion Pure Bronze LE features among seven other bronze watches in the September 2016 UK edition of REVOLUTION magazine. Note: Pinion is the only British watch brand to be featured, and is by far the youngest and smallest company in the article!

Pinion bronze watch collection

Some photos of the entire Pinion Bronze collection


Under the Hood

Pinion Pure Unitas 6498 Mechanical movement

Hidden behind the 316L polished steel caseback of the Axis Pure is a New-Old-Stock Unitas 6498 mechanical calibre, which features decorated geneva stripes and blued screws.

Pinion Pure Steel LE hand wound watch

Pictured is the Axis Pure Steel, photographed at SalonQP last weekend. This watch very much conforms to Pinion’s principle of ‘Minimal / Complexity’. The initial appearance of the watch is one of simplicity and minimalism, which helps to enhance legibility and the function of timekeeping, however seen at differing angles on the wrist, the complexity of …

Pinion watch crown design

The watch crown is used to manually adjust the time and date in mechanical timepieces and ever since the inception of Pinion in early 2013, we have strived to produce the finest crown possible that could be used across our entire collection.


Axis Pure bronze

Pinion Pure bronze case

We debuted our first Bronze watch at SalonQP last year. This year we will be returning with our third, The AXIS pure, which is driven by the handwound Unitas 6498 movement.

Pinion Pure Steel watch case

The first shot of the AXIS PURE case. 316L Stainless Steel, polished to the extreme. Our new PINION winding crown, featuring the ® trademarked Pinion gear wheel.

Pinion Pure dial design

Available this Autumn, the Pinion Axis Pure is a limited production handwound watch that will only be made in a run of 100 watches (50 steel, 50 bronze). Central to the watch, is the dial which we’ve designed to be simple and highly legible. Behind this simplicity though is a complex set of parts, materials and engineering techniques which we’ve employed to create a miniature work of art.

Pinion Pure watch CAD drawing

This new Pinion will feature a Swiss handwound movement, it will be available in bronze and steel cases and will be produced in a limited production run of only 100 pieces, shipping Autumn 2014.

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