Pinion R-1969 Limited Edition Hand wound Chronograph

Here’s some photos that show the assembled prototype.


Valjoux 7734 NOS Ebauché

Valjoux 7734 and 7733 movement parts

The most valuable form of Valjoux 7734 you can buy in the world today


R-1969 case

Pinion R-1969 watch case

Here’s first ever photograph of our R1969 case featuring the Pinion crown

Pinion watch crown design

The watch crown is used to manually adjust the time and date in mechanical timepieces and ever since the inception of Pinion in early 2013, we have strived to produce the finest crown possible that could be used across our entire collection.

Valjoux 7734 bridge

Pictured are our vintage (new old stock) Valjoux 7734 bridges that we’ve engraved


Pinion F.O.Pushers

R-1969 chronograph pushers

A handwound chronograph invites and requires a high degree of human interaction.


Glucydur balance wheel

Valjoux 7734 movement

For the Pinion Revival 1969, we’ve used a Glucydur balance wheel which is made from beryllium bronze.


Revival 1969 Press Images

Revival 1969 Press Release from September 2014


Revival 1969 case design

R9169 case design

Here’s a peak at a CAD visualisation of our Pinion Revival case, complete with our new crown.

Valjoux 7734 bridges

Over in Switzerland, we’re engraving bridges of the Pinion Revival 1969.

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