Valjoux 7734 dial design

Valjoux 7734 dial technical drawings

Original Valjoux hand-drawn dial drawings, dated 1967 to use as the basis for our dials.


Valjoux 7734 pinions

Valjoux 7734 pinions

Sealed vintage gear wheels (Labelled ‘Pignan’, which is French for ‘Pinion’) that are designed for the Valjoux 7733 / 34 and 36 series of movements.

r1969 pusher design

As this is no ordinary watch, no ordinary chronograph buttons are suitable.


Bronze Balance

Valjoux 7734 balances

Seen here are our Glucydur balance wheels that we’ll be using for the Pinion Revival 1969 watch.

Valjoux 7734 watch movement

Interesting facts about the movement we are using in the Revival 1969


New crown design

Pinion watches crown drawing

Pictured are abstracted drawings for the crown that will be fitted to the Pinion R1969.


Revival 1969 announced

Valjoux 7734 movement

PINION is pleased to announce it’s first watch release for 2014 which will form part of a new collection titled ‘REVIVAL’.

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