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If you want to replace your watch strap, or fancy a new look for your watch, Pinion has a variety of watch straps to suit any purpose.

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20mm straps

Compatible with Pinion models: Neutron, Axis II 38, Atom

20mm leather

Fine 20mm leather straps with vintage style minimalist stitching at the lugs. Handmade in Belgium. Pinion stainless steel buckle is included.

20mm Premium Nylon

Inspired by the MoD-issued ‘NATO’ straps, these are one-piece premium 20mm nylon straps featuring steel hardware and are designed with a universal fit for all wrist sizes. Steel buckle personalised engraving is included.

22mm straps

Compatible with Pinion models: Elapse, Axis / Axis II, TT, Pure, R1969

22mm Leather straps

The core collection of 22mm leather straps are handmade by a specialist supplier in Belgium. Fitted with a Pinion stainless steel buckle.

22mm Canvas straps

Pinion takes its design cues from 20th-century military timepieces, and supply a selection of modern military-style straps as part of its collection. The one-piece durable 22mm heavy cotton canvas watch straps have a universal fit for all wrist sizes and provide a simpler, more streamlined look.

22mm Rubber straps

The Pinion rubber straps are fully waterproof and a perfect fit for any watch with 22mm fittings. Crafted in Italy, by a specialist company who has been making straps for over three decades, the sculptured rubber straps will wear like leather but are long-lasting and highly functional.

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